Train the Trainer Course – iSMART Programme, Teaching English through Maths and Science

This Train-the-Trainer course is a training series of three phases for iSMART teachers and Academic Staff which aims to provide them essential methods and techniques in teaching General English, as well as teaching English through Maths and Science subjects. The participants will also have opportunities to approach necessary training skills that they can use when becoming trainers for iSMART Education in the future.


Target Participants

  • Head Teachers from iSMART with at least 2-year experience of full-time teaching: around 2000 teaching hours and iSMART Academic Staff; in total: 25 participants.
  • Most teachers have around 20 hours of teaching per week;
  • Teachers work with 35-50 students in a class, accompanied by a co-teacher/TA; a lesson usually lasts 35-40 minutes;
Objectives: On completion of this course, the participants will be able to:

- Apply the methods and techniques as trained to the following teaching practice:

Teaching Listening and Speaking skills;
• Teaching Vocabulary and Pronunciation.

- Apply the training knowledge and training skills as trained to design appropriate training courses and have confidence when leading training courses for iSMART Education.


Phase Module
Module 1.1: Teaching English through Maths and Science
Module 1.2: Teaching General English
Module 1.3: How to Become a Trainer? – Leadership – Active Teaching Method
2 Training Demo