Q & A

INTESOL Vietnam is an English teacher training program in Vietnam implemented by iTD Academy.

iTD Academy is the only franchise of INTESOL Worldwide in Vietnam.

iTD Academy is the official representative of INTESOL Worldwide, which provides teacher-training courses for individuals, and organizations in Vietnam.
In terms of course content, the program is the same as the original program complying with the requirements and quality standards regulated by British Accreditation Organization.

The only difference between INTESOL Vietnam and INTESOL Worldwide is teaching practice part.

The psychological, cultural and habitual characteristics of Vietnamese students are included in the teaching situation, enabling students to apply the basic theory of the course to practical teaching conditions in Vietnam.
INTESOL Vietnam's English teacher training program applies 4.0 technologies, providing flexible and convenient solutions for learners.

Students can easily learn anytime, anywhere.

The curriculum of 140, 190 hours courses applies both offline and online.

Students will learn theory online and practice teaching offline with the guidance of experienced expert in the field of English teaching.

In the process of learning, students have access to many modern English teaching pedagogy from lecturers, peers and from classroom teachers in class.
Students are totally active in choosing flexible time with INTESOL Vietnam, specifically:
- 120- hour and 140-hour courses: 8-12 weeks duration.

- 190 hours course: 12-20 weeks.

- 350 hours: 24-30 weeks Learning time is flexible.

In teaching practice section, students will be arranged to observe classes, do demo teaching in the most appropriate period.
All programs are integrated in the online and offline modules (except for the 120-hour course which is 100% online).
- Self-study online, a form of learning which is suitable for busy students.

- Observation, teaching- practice to equip practical skills and confidence.

- Evaluation and feedback from instructors.

- Teaching methods workshop.

- Understand the psychology of Vietnamese students and Vietnamese culture.

- Get a free English teaching for children module (Teaching English for Young Learners).
Online course is built on iTD Academy's Canvas system.

Students will experience learning activities on Canvas, for example reading materials, viewing lessons, modules, asking questions, submitting exercises, taking tests.

Students are granted an account to access to the course.

Each course consists of modules, which are scientifically and consistently designed, including general introduction, lesson content, self-check, reference readings, tests, assessments and teacher feedback, announcements.
Students will learn some lessons through online interactive materials based on the course outline.

Exercises are assessed immediately after each lesson and each chapter. The content is integrated throughout the course.
The success of INTESOL Vietnam programs is partly due to the required practical sessions of the course, which helps students to apply knowledge and gain practical experience in Vietnam. Students who succeed with INTESOL will show the employers (schools, centers) necessary skills to succeed in class.
The online TESOL course uses a flexible training method that combines online learning and offline learning in class.

In particular, the teaching practice part is taught offline in class and the theory is taught online.

Online interactive materials always are very practical focus, requiring each student to complete and meet the criteria of the course.
The TESOL online course on iTD's Canvas system provides:
- Lectures, references reading materials;

- Interactive exercises and tests;

- Videos with instructions and modeling;

- Discussion on forums, clubs.

For some students, studying theory will be more appropriate for personal learning than in an integrated course, but for others, it is the opposite.

Students are asked to self - study theory, self-assess their ability to understand lessons, read references materials, examples, and then do assessments.

During the learning process, teachers will interact and evaluate, comment on the students'homework, advocate students understand where they are right and wrong.

An advantage of INTESOL courses in Vietnam is that students have a lot of time and receive great deal of support from INTESOL Vietnam, which will be convenient for knowledge reflection and improvement.

The online theory section is supplemented by practical teaching sessions, which helps students to strengthen theory and gain better understanding about concepts in online lectures.
Students can access the materials at any time, so they can flexibly plan their study and practice to suit their work and life schedules.

Only a small portion of the course requires classroom study, so students will reduce the cost of accommodation and travel; therefore, the cost of the course is more reasonable for most students.
Depending on each course, learning time will be different. Currently, INTESOL Vietnam has 04 courses:
- 120 hour course: 8 to 10 weeks

- 140 hour course 10 to 12 weeks

- 190 hour course 12-20 weeks

- 350 hour course 24-30 weeks

Learning time can be shortened if the students focus on studying with high intensity. This is the expected time. If the student cannot complete the course within the above time.

They can offer to extend the course.
Teaching practice includes following activities:
- Observation;

- Prepare a detailed lesson plan;

- TESOL workshop;

- Demo Lecture;

The teaching practice will be arranged by INTESOL Vietnam according to student schedule throughout the course or in each stage.
Students are recommended to register directly at INTESOL Vietnam office (or at iTD Academy's headquarters - 45, Dinh Tien Hoang, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City).

Authorized centers / units of INTESOL Vietnam including:
1. Binh Duong University.

2. Institute of Educational Research.

3. iSMART Education
The authorized organizations have the same policies of recruitment, promotion, the level of tuition and training period are the same.
INTESOL Worldwide grants TESOL certificates to student all over the world. Levels and values are equivalent to offline courses.

All TESOL certificates are accredited and qualified by the United Kingdom with standard quality and assurance processes.
Students will receive the following certificates:
- TESOL certificate with English teaching for children provided by INTESOL Worldwide.

- TESOL certificate with English teaching for children and transcript of ALAP accreditation organization.
Tuition fee includes account-opening fees, tuition fees, fee for transferring English certificates to Vietnam, inspection process, seminars, and teaching practice.

Students do not have to pay any other fees.