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Webinar: Teaching English Through Math & Science in High School

Teaching English through subjects is a popular English teaching trend in many high schools in Vietnam because of the many benefits that this method brings to learners. The integrated teaching of English with the subject is not merely the transmission of content and subject knowledge, but for many schools, the main goal is to improve students' English ability.

  • How to enhance capacity foreign language for students with teaching Math and Science in English?
  • Teaching English through Math and Science How is learning different from teaching that integrates English with the subject?
  • Teacher's role in class What is English through Math and Science?
  • Some strategies for teachers pocket What students need to know in order to build and deliver lessons effectively

With the desire to accompany, advise and guide teachers in the process of teaching English through Mathematics and Science in high schools, the International Talent Development Institute iTD Academy organizes a webinar bilingual with the topic "Teaching English through Math and Science at Schools".

iTD Academy webinar: “Teaching English through Math and Science at schools/ Teaching English through Math & Science in high schools”

  • Time : 9 a.m. - 11 p.m. Saturday, October 30, 2021
  • Appearance organize: Zoom-based online talk
  • Register join: Ladies, teachers and interested people, please register using the form to receive instructions to access the seminar at: https://bit .ly/3FA46Ij
  • Speaker: 
    • TS. Nguyen Thuy Hong Van - Training Director, Teacher Training Specialist, International Talent Development Institute – iTD Academy;
    • Master Claire Lee - Teacher Training Specialist, International Talent Development Institute - iTD Academy;
  • Guest:
    • Master Le Thi Thuy An- Ismart Education Lead Teacher
  • The program matches :
    • Teacher, I hold the management position at high schools that are looking to apply the English curriculum through Maths and Science;
    • High school teachers, especially teachers who are teaching Math and Science subjects in English to preschool students;
    • Teachers or students Pham has the orientation to become a teacher of Math and Science program in English.

Through sharing from speakers and guests, iTD Academy wishes to help attendees have a comprehensive view of English teaching methods through Math and science, applying knowledge and skills to build lectures and communicate effectively to learners.

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The program has Limited number of registrations, bilingual English - Vietnamese. So, teachers and friends, please register in advance.

iTD Academy and The speakers and guests are looking forward to meeting and exchanging with teachers and friends at the event.

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