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Cambridge Assessment English is a part of the University of Cambridge since 1913, They help millions of people learn English and prove their skills to the world. For them, learning English is more than just exams and grades. It’s about having the confidence to communicate and access a lifetime of enriching experiences and opportunities. With the right support, learning a language is an exhilarating journey. Cambridge Assessment english are there with learners, every step of the way.
Since 2019, iTD Academy proudly becomes an Authorised Exam Center of Cambridge Assessment English (CAE). Following this, iTD Academy is authorised to distribute and run Cambridge English exams and tests throughout Vietnam.

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Examinations and Tests

Cambridge English Qualifications are in-depth exams that make learning English enjoyable, effective and rewarding. Cambridge unique approach encourages continuous progression with a clear path to improve language skills. Cambridge has qualifications for schools, general and higher education, and business.

Teaching English

Cambridge Assessment English-teaching qualifications, professional development materials, and teaching resources are based on in-depth research. With their unrivalled depth of experience in national education systems, international education and English language learning, they are trusted by governments, schools and teachers around the world to improve learning outcomes for students.