The accredited 190 hour Certificate in TESOL contains a high quality academic content and is not only respected by employers, but also provides the firm foundation for you to begin your English teaching career. This course includes 40 hours of observation, workshop, lesson planning and observed teaching, which means you can earn a CELTA/Trinity equivalent qualification with much more flexibility, yet still gain valuable teaching practice before going to start your first teaching job.

The 190 Hour Certificate in TESOL and Teaching Practice and Observed Teaching is accredited by ALAP (Awarding Language Acquisition for Professionals), a UK based Awarding Organisation. ALAP is an accrediting organisation that specializes in the ELT industry. ALAP is supported by an esteemed Academic Panel who are all experts in the field of English Language Teaching. The ALAP panel oversee matters related to academic quality, ensuring that the value of an ALAP Certificate is upheld.

Course Aims                   

The overall aim of the 190 hour Certificate in TESOL with Teaching Practice is to provide a thorough course which includes a balance between the theory, methodology and practice of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages and to thoroughly prepare our trainees for teaching in any overseas environment.


This course is open to those with a good academic background, usually graduate status; qualified teacher status, or at least 2 ‘A’ levels or equivalent. If you are unsure of your eligibility please email us at

Course Structure              

Within 24 hours of enrolling you will receive your login details for the course. The online element of the TESOL course consists of five chapters (a total of 21 modules). Each module has a lesson that you will study at your own pace and an assignment that you will accomplish. When your assignment has been graded you will receive a notification and be able to view your grade, plus any guidance and feedback, in your online grade book. The grade book allows you to easily monitor your progress as you work through the lessons and complete the course. If you happen to fail a module, do not worry, you will be given the opportunity to retake after a little extra coaching. After 150 hours of online learning, you will have 40 hours of observation, workshop, lesson planning and observed teaching. Our training focuses on Peer coaching, a reflective approach to teacher development. Findings indicate that peer coaching facilitated exchange of teaching methods and materials, fostered development of teaching skills, and made participants rethink their own teaching methods and styles. Our tutors will follow the INTESOL standards to correct your lesson plans and teaching with positive feedback. There are no final examinations. As soon as your last assignment has been graded you will be able to view your final grade in the grade book. Your final grade is calculated by taking the average of your ten grades for the ten assessed assignments. This will be the grade shown on your Certificate in TESOL.

Duration of the course   

The length of time it takes to complete the TESOL course depends on your other commitments. There are approximately 190 hours of work in this course, including observation, workshop and teaching practice. As a general guideline most students complete the online TESOL course in approximately 12-20 weeks, however if you require more time this is not a problem.

Chapter 1: Orientation


Module 1.1: Motivation

Module 1.2: Planning and Organizing Study Time

Module 1.3: Study Techniques

Module 1.4: Reading Techniques

Module 1.5: How This Course Works

Chapter 2: The Study of English


Module 2.1: Deductive Analysis and Use of Grammar

Module 2.2: Elements of Pronunciation

Module 2.3: Lexis

Chapter 3: The Teaching and Learning of ESOL


Module 3.1: The Basic Principles of TESOL

Module 3.2: Listening and Reading

Module 3.3: Speaking and Writing

Module 3.4: Teaching Aids

Module 3.5: Errors and Error Correction

Chapter 4: Lesson Planning


Module 4.1: Classroom Management and Assessment

Module 4.2: Lesson Plans and Self Development

Chapter 5: Teaching Practice - Observations


Teaching Resources


Chapter 6: Teaching Practice - Lesson Planning and Observed Teaching



Course Completion
The grades are awarded as follows:
A1 – Outstanding work
A2 – Excellent
B1 – Very Good
B2 – Good
C – Satisfactory
U – Unsatisfactory
If your work is between 2 grades the mark may appear as C/B2 or A2/A1
You’ll get
* Certificate in TESOL issued by INTESOL Worldwide and ALAP
* Course Transcript issued by awarding body
* FREE Back to basics grammar pack
* FREE Games & Lessons pack – Invaluable resource when you start teaching
* FREE shipping of certificates and transcripts from UK to Vietnam
* Personal tutor support
* Proven techniques that will make you a confident teacher
* Security of gaining an internationally recognized qualification
* Job guidance and support
Please note: There are no set start dates. You decide when you start. You will be given a username and password to access your course.